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Canyon Cooler Outfitter 120 Quart

Outfitter 125 Quart


ll NEW 125 Outfitter: Our latest franken cooler is ready for 2013 are you? Optimized for truck beds, and 4x4 use.

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The more squared up dimensions mean easier packing around wheel wells and other gear boxes. Skid plates, completely recessed hinges, latches and handles mean 'No Hangups'. A single cable lock can lock both the lid and secure the cooler to your truck. 

Our most popular 'Big Adventure Box' 

Features & Benefits:

Beastly Wall Thickness: Up to 3+"
Locking Lid: Secure it but also keep animals and party animals out anytime
Save Space: Other sizes coming out will fit right inside this one. 
22 will fit in a 75 or 125
50 fits in the 125
Tie Down areas built in.
A tethered drain plug that wont leak or get lost
Awesome skid plates: Drag it for years, easy to move around in your truck bed
100% Recessed Latches: No snags ever
4 Year Warranty
ICE cold food and beverages: Almost Forever (just follow our tip page)
Long Lasing Brutally Tough Product: Why rebuy cheap things every year or two
Great Value compared to other Premium Ice Chests
Sandstone finish looks great for years and years

• Capacity - 120 Liters / 126.8 quarts
• Weight - 43 pounds
• Colors - Sandstone & White (others by special order)
• Ice retention time - 9 Days and up to 20 days
• Drink capacity
cans - 128 & 6 blocks and 6 bags of ice
bottles - 120 & 6 blocks and 6 bags of ice

Performance: 5 stars
Fit and Finish: 4 stars
Hinge System: 5 Stars
Seal System: 3.5 stars

Outside 34.00"L x 20"W x 20.25"H
Inside 28.00"L x 16"W x 16"H

Lid: 2.25" thick PE high density foam insulated
Wall: 2.25" - 4" thick PE high density foam insulated
Floor: 2"

Superior Cold retention is obtained by utilizing premium polyurethane insulation injected under pressure within all wall cavities and the lid.

Made of the super durable polyethylene plastic.
• Giving them some of the longest ice retention of any cooler on the market!
• Marine grade stainless steel hinge pin.
• Solid neoprene gasket around the lid!
• The Inner and Outer Shells are non-staining and non odor absorbing material.
• Rope handles that make them easy to carry