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About us - Elkaholics

About Us was created in November of 2012.  Where all Elkaholics unite for hunting and fishing products for success in the hunting and fishing sport.  Owner Casey Gepford has been very active in the hunting industry for the majority of his 36 year life.  He is a very avid hunter and fisherman.  He takes pride in his job and also works additonal time at his dads saddle shop where he builds the pack equipment, it the style of what he has used for the majority of his elk packing years.  


We sell quality products at exceptional prices. 

Company Overview was created to fill the needs of people everywhere for quality products to be used in their hunting and fishing ventures.  Have over 15,000 products available to us, so if you dont see it please ask and we shall give you a quote for it if we can get it.  


Archery Acessories: Including bows crossbows, and all your accessories.

Remedy 7 bags: including back packs, bow cases, ATV cases, and camping gear. 

Decals: Selling elk, whitetail , mule, predator, big game, bow hunting, full back window, bedside, and colored decals.

Clothing and Gifts.

Equine gear: Items to fill your needs of using horses in your hunting ventures.

Cape Roll: quick and easy packing system that allows you to pack out the head and cape of your trophy animal.

Camo Clothing: Camo clothing for all types of hunting.

Camo Lingerie & Swimwear: Lingerie and swimwear in camo patterns to fill your ladies desires.  

We can be found On FACEBOOK: