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Montana Antelope Doe Decoy
Antelope Doe Decoy

Antelope Doe Decoy


From waterholes to spot-and-stalk hunting, the antelope doe has a proven track record of getting it done in the field.

More details

Our original plan with the Antelope doe decoy was for her to primarily be used as a waterhole decoy. With her head down and backside facing oncoming animals, she was the perfect definition of relaxed, submissive and 100% worry free. We felt this look would give other antelope a sense of ease and help attract them to our waterhole setup. 

After numerous days at the waterhole, we found she worked very well and wanted to test her success during the pre-rut. The results were instantaneous! During the first trial, we had bucks trying to herd her in with the rest of their harem. With this new decoy, we knew we had hit the perfect combination of good looks and posture.


  • Unfolded Dimensions: 38
  • Folded Dimensions: 13