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X-Treme FC Pro arrow rest
X-Treme FC Pro

X-Treme FC Pro


The X-Treme FC Pro Fall-Away Arrow Rest loads quickly and easily while ensuring arrow capture and retention over 320 degrees of bow rotation. The patent pending X-Treme Arrow Rest Series features an ultra-quiet full capture launcher, innovative Drop Stop Launcher Noise and Vibration Dampener, one of a kind PVC rubberized ring coating, and NO TOOLS and NO FASTENERS to quickly install the cable clamp.

Product Features

  • New pivot level design.
  • New Bristle Guard Loading Slot.
  • Quick loading, full containment.
  • Sleek, curvy amd lightweight.
  • Easy cord length adjustment feature.
  • Built in silencing solutions.
  • Activated by down cable.
  • Lifetime warranty.