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HECS Camo Suit

HECS Camo Suit


Each 3 piece HECS suit comes complete with pants, long sleeve shirt and head cover.
We recommend purchasing to fit your shirt size. Pants are very adjustable.

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HECS STEALTHSCREEN is a revolutionary new material that allows you to get closer to animals in their natural, undisturbed state and experience life in the wild like never before.


HECS STEALTHSCREEN helps you stay undetected by combining 3 simple scientific principles.

1. All living things emit a faint electric signal.

2. Science has now proven that some animals have the ability to detect faint electromagnetic signals*

3. A conductive grid known as a ‘Faraday cage’ can block EM signals.

HECS effectively creates a Faraday age for your body that is quiet, flexible, lightweight and comfortable.

HECS STEALTHSCREEN can be worn as an under layer or as an outer layer.

HECS STEALTHSCREEN is lightweight, breathable, machine washable and durable - conductive fiber won’t wash out. 







Waist 28-31

Chest 34-37

Waist 31-34

Chest 37-40

Waist 34-37

Chest 40-44

Waist 37-40

Chest 44-48

Waist 40-43

Chest 48-52

Waist 43-46

Chest 52-56